Sunday, March 1, 2009 dream woman eh?????

every man has their own dream woman. I'm also have my own dream woman. every man always want their dream woman is a beautiful woman. for me, beauty is not an important thing at all. our prophet Muhammad S.A.W says " a woman married because of 4 reasons : her wealth, her descendants, her beauty and her religion. thus choose a woman because of her religion because she can guide to the correct path" and "do not marry a woman because of her beauty, because her beauty will destroy herself. do not marry a woman because of her wealth, because her wealth will make her a rebellious. marry a woman because of her religion. this is because her practice on religion is the best although her skin is black and her ears are malformation". both of the 'hadith' are recorded by famous islamic 'imam' that are imam Bukhari and imam Muslim. firstly, about my dream woman, i will choose a woman that has knowledge about Islam and she also practicing it. frankly i say, i love to watch woman that wear 'tudung labuh'. thay look very different compare to any woman that wear regular 'tudung'. hehehehehehe..... secondly, i hope that woman will loyal to me. because loyalty is very important in a relationship. i hope i will get this type of woman. me, her religous background is the most important matter that i should concer about along with out prophet Muhammad 'sunnah'.Allah S.W.T the all mighty god has dicided to all of His 'servants" about their death, marriage and also sustenance.

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