Thursday, January 15, 2009


everybody have their own experience being student including my friends. before i received invitation to further my study here, i prepared to go to Melaka to involved in pharmacy course. i received the letter two days before the registration day. after discussed with my parent, i decided to go here.during on my way to go here, i think deeply what will i face here and can i survive here taking this course. when i first arrived here,I'm in injured because of an accident. my condition not allowed me to be more rugged. so, because of that during the mms week i only joined activities at aspirasi hall. i think i have change a lot. before this, i always afraid to went far away from my family and now, i become used of it and i don't afraid anymore. hehe. here, i need to do what i need to do. I learn how to make my own decision. the decision that i made will take me further and further, and i will get a new experience. i'm also learn to arrange my schedule here. i think i'll be more mature than before but i think my childish never change. there are a lot of others things that i want to share with all my friends but something it is better to be secret than telling everyone. i had faced last semester and i will face this semester.


  1. ko nie aiman sedap2 jer ngater kt membe kite
    ko 2 da la tggi
    english please